Scallion Oil Chicken


Scallion Oil Chicken ~
•2 whole leg chicken, approx. 8 pieces
•4 to 5 stalks of spring onions
•Ginger, sliced and minced
•1 Tbsp. Dionysus Red Wine Vinegar
•6 Tbsp. Scallion Olive oil
•Dash of Dark Traditional Balsamic, salt and a bit of sugar to taste
1.Season the chicken with some salt, set aside.
2.Cut out the spring onion bulbs, some to put in the pot and some to make the oil.
3.Chop up the rest of the green part of spring onions.
4.Add the minced ginger into the chopped spring onions, add some salt, mix well.
5.Bring some water to the boil, just enough to cover the chicken, add in the spring onion bulb d three slices of ginger and a teaspoon of salt.
6.Once boiling, add in the chicken, let it simmer, cover with lid, lower heat, for about 15 min.   Check to see whether chicken is cooked through.
7.Let the chicken cool at room temperature.
8.Meanwhile, prepare the scallion oil.  Pour the oil in a pan, add in the spring onion bulbs, sear over low heat till aromatic.  Strain the oil into the bowl of chopped spring onions, ladle on 3 to 4 Tablespoons of chicken broth, add in some sugar, dash traditional balsamic, Dionysus wine and fine tune to taste.
9.Place the chicken in an ice cube water bath for about 2 min., remove, pat dry and chop up the chicken.
10.Arrange the chicken on a serving plate and ladle on the scallion oil mixture.
11.Serve immediately or chilled in the fridge before serving.